Getting timely feedback on your work is crucial, but often requires back and forth over various platforms.

Shareable review links simplify this by allowing you to share any visual asset for review using just a link.


To share your work using a shareable review link:

  1. Upload your asset to Workflow (Figma designs, live websites, images, videos, etc.)
  2. Click the “Share” button
  3. Copy the generated link and share it with anyone you want to review your work

Reviewers will be able to see your work and leave comments directly on it without needing to be manually invited to Workflow or granted specific permissions.


Granular Permissions for Tailored Collaboration

Shareable review links offer two levels of permissions to accommodate different collaboration needs:

  1. Comment-only: Reviewers can leave comments on the asset without seeing task details (such as status, briefing…).
  2. Editor: Grants full editing permissions for the task, perfect for close collaborators.

Guests who access a file via a shared link can only see that specific task and nothing else in the workspace

What “comment-only” viewiers see: comment-view

What “editor” viewer see: editor-view

People who receive a share link can see the shared work without creating a Workflow account. However, they must create one to leave comments or make edits. This allows the asset owner to keep track of who is providing feedback on their work.