Manage your team in Workflow by inviting and managing teammates under Settings > Team. In this section, you can manually add and remove teammates from your workspace and manage their roles.

Inviting Teammates

Click Invite Team at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, or navigate to Settings > Team. You can invite people via email or share an invitation link.

Teammates have full access to your workspace. They can view and edit tasks, public projects, and other data within the workspace.

Removing Teammates

  1. Select Invite Team at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar or navigate to Settings > Team.
  2. Find the user you wish to remove, click the dropdown button to the right of their name, and select Remove. They will no longer have access to your workspace.

Owner Roles

Users assigned the Owner role in Workflow have special permissions. Owners can:

  • Remove teammates
  • Delete a Workspace
  • Change user roles
Only Owners can elevate another teammate’s role to “Owner.”