Notification Triggers

You will receive a notification in your Workflow inbox when:

  1. You’re assigned to a task.
  2. Someone comments on a task you created.
  3. Someone replies to one of your comments.
  1. Notifications will appear as a new item in your inbox.
  2. Click on it to view the task related to the notification. Note: You can also use your keyboard to navigate through the inbox. Use the arrow keys to move up and down, and press Enter to open the task.
  3. After reviewing, you can dismiss the notification by clicking “Done” at the top right of the task or by pressing E on your keyboard.
  4. Dismissing a notification brings up the next one, letting you rapidly move through your task list.

Notifications can also be dismissed directly from the inbox by clicking the “Done” button or with the “E” keyboard shortcut.