Adding creative works to tasks in Workflow allows team members to easily review, comment on, and collaborate on various types of files directly within the context of a task.

This article will guide you through adding creatives, uploading new versions, deleting creatives or versions, and embedding live websites.


Adding a Creative Asset to a Task

To add a creative to a task:

  1. In a task, click “Add creative work” in the left sidebar.
  2. Upload the file by clicking on the upload box or by dragging and dropping it. You can also add a link to a live website, which will be embedded in the task.


Uploading a New Version of a Creative

If a task already has a creative attached, you can easily upload a newer version while maintaining access to past versions for reference.

To upload a new version:

  1. In the task sidebar, click the current creative’s version number.
  2. Select “Add new version” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Upload the new version of the file.


Deleting a Creative or a Version of a Creative

To delete a creative in a task:

  1. Navigate to the task details section and click on the current version number.
  2. Click the bin icon next to the version to delete it.

Deleting a creative or version will remove it from the task permanently.

Embedding a Live Website as a Creative

Embed live websites within tasks for comprehensive team review and feedback directly within Workflow. You and your teammates can navigate through the website, review different pages, and share feedback directly on web elements.

To embed a website:

  1. Select “Add Creative Work” in the task sidebar.
  2. Click “Website” and paste the URL.
  3. Paste your website’s URL and confirm.